PornMegaLoad – Sammy, Daniels


PornMegaLoad – Sammy, Daniels – Getting Off On Their Day Off

It’s no surprise that Aubrey (the brunette) planned to skip with sweet little Sammy. She has the hots for Sammy’s pussy and was set on finally getting a taste. Of course it all starts with sunblock. There’s rubbing and touching and the next thing Sammy knows her tits are out and she’s kissing Aubrey. “I was really nervous at first,” Sammy said. “But Aubrey really helped me to relax. This was my first time ever being with a girl, and it was so nice. Aubrey’s lips were so soft (both pairs) and I loved squeezing her boobs.” And what did Aubrey have to say about it? “I loved how shy Sammy was. I felt like I really got her to come out of her shell. She tastes just as good as she looks.”



CNN today announced that people who lost their homes in fraudclosuregate will receive $1000 to $2000 in compensation from the deal! The onus of course is on the victim to produce the mortgage documents proving they were scammed by the banks.