SexualDisgrace – Stella May Loves Pleasing…


SexualDisgrace – Stella May Loves Pleasing her Master’s Every Desire
I woke up on the bare bed again and my wrists tied behind my back. Luckily my legs were free but my Master came in before I could get away. How does he get me here? I have to know. No matter how much trash I talk to him, he punishes me, slaps me around, smears my spit all over my face and torments me with his hard rock boner. He threw me all around the bed with such ease. I love being manhandled, covered in spit and pussy and mouth sore from so much cock. He fucks me doggy style, missionary, rough, hard and fast, loosening my pussy with his massive cock. Every time I screamed for more, begged for more dick, he would cover my mouth and give me exactly what I wanted. It was too much to handle at times. The constant orgasms made me quiver throughout the session. I didn’t think I could take such a dick so rough. But I didn’t care. Whatever it took to taste his cum, I’d do it without hesitation. I want to be the best sex slave he’s every had. I have been through enough training. I’m pretty sure I know what he wants now.
Pornstars:  Stella May

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