Buried Treasure

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Mistress Destiny comes to a decision to have a bit to eat at the film studio between sessions. Large bondslave dan gets to have entertainment some food play but first he must endure a bit. Some hand over kisser, spitting and slapping accepts her in the mood to feed him her special way!
Cleaning Mistress Destiny’s shiny black spiked heels is extreme work and dan is thirsty. Mistress is wet from having her obedient at her feet and decides to give dan a look and a taste. Mistress Mandi comes in from the other room and seems to not be in a amazing mood at all. She smashes the sandwich into dan’s face, orders him to lie down and the maidens begin to circle him. Mistress Destiny accepts in some food play as her associate uses her high heels on dan!
After some spike heel torturing, Mistress Mandi orders dan to clean up the floor with his mouth. Placing the food pieces into the tray, he must worship Mistress Destiny’s feet each time. Back and forth he goes, prodded on by Mistress Mandi’s kicks and slaps. He is placed under the toilet bench and the golden shower funnel is taped in his muzzle by Mistress Mandi. Mistress Destiny will perform the honors. Mistress Destiny delivers the golden nectar and the dolls amuse themselves with dan below them. Mistress Destiny empties herself and orders dan to suck the tube dry. Dan performs bottom revere on Mistress Destiny and she bounces on his face, laughing. Mistress Mandi cranks his head up and then seats herself in the stool and explains how her admirer came in her cunt this morning.

Format: Windows media
Duration: 35:00
Video: 480×360, Windows media Film 9, 1220kbps
Audio: 62kbps

DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: femdom and strapon Buried Treasure
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DOWNLOAD from FILESMONSTER: femdom and strapon Buried Treasure

It was held in memory of Ottawa assistant coach Luke Richardson’s 14-year-old daughter Daron, who took her own life in November.