Joymii – Tracy A and Vanea H


Joymii – Tracy A and Vanea H
Tracy and Vanea like each other… a lot. They both have boyfriends, but they can’t help themselves… they simply have to spend time together. And the time they spend together is full of pleasure. Each loves the others body and spending time admiring and caressing each other as much as possible. They’re in no rush and take their sweet time licking and fingering each others sweet pussies. They really know what each other likes and do it with pleasure. There’s just something about a woman’s touch that makes all the difference when it comes to pleasure and both of these beauties have it, and love using it. The only problem is, one of these lovely ladies is using those skills on someone else as well. Come on and see the drama unfold for yourself…

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Leah Lakshmi, a queer disabled Sri Lankan writer, teacher and cultural worker, discussing queerness and disability.

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