Sex Picnic (1971)


Pornstars: Cyndee Summers, Penny King, Tina Smith, Rick Cassidy, Kris Flanagan, Ric Lutze, Paul Scharf

This film has a scene with Ric Lutze, wearing Foster Grants, tongue dancing all over Cyndee Summers’ cherry red snatch before thrusting his dipstick into her. Not only is freckle faced Cyndee in this scene, but in an earlier one with Rick Cassidy as well! That double dip of lovin’ makes one part of the delectable sexual smorgasbord on hand called Sex Picnic.
After their car breaks down (surprise!), a bunch of guys and their hot ladies (all B pluses) search their way around the backwoods as the car is being serviced. Other services commence when the sun-dried genitalia begin sweating. Luckily, the gals packed “box lunches” for the picnic!
Throughout the film, couples finds bed and blankets — and even an abandoned hippie commune (!) — to fuck around on, as sperm oozes like bad jokes in the borscht belt!
See the exploring of foliage get better with each passing frame! Become one with nature and join Sex Picnic! But don’t forget the napkins



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